Who is that special buddy of mine?

Did it ever happen to you that you think of a special friend you haven’t seen in a long time, and all of a sudden they run into you while you’re grocery shopping?
Or out of nowhere you were offered free tickets for that concert you so badly wanted to go to?

It is this feeling that sometimes the right people and the right opportunities just present themselves, EXACTLY at the time you most needed it. When this happened to you, most likely you rolled your eyes up to the sky and said: ‘What a coincidence! How funny!’.

But is it really just coincidence?

A treasure hunt to your deepest desires

When I started my travels in South East Asia, there was this one book that other travellers kept on recommending me to read: ‘The Alchemist’ by Paul Coelho. Sounds familiar..? It is one of the most read and well-known spiritual books in history. I was Intrigued and decided to visit a bookshop in Laos where I found at least 10 copies of this book!
The story tells of a young shepherd who decides to go on a quest to find a hidden treasure in Egypt, after seeing himself finding it over and over again in his dreams. 

A treasure hunt, you say, where is the spirituality in that?

Well, the initial yearning for materialistic wealth leads the young shepherd to finding his own personal treasure… which lies within himself! The main lesson to be learned is to listen to your deep-rooted desires and dreams and to acknowledge the power of something greater than ourselves to turn these into reality. 

My amazing Universe Buddy

So what is this mystical something that is ‘greater than ourselves’? Many call it God, others call it fate… I personally prefer ‘the Universe’. It is the concept of something which is far greater than my own comprehension, that lures me in. All that is left is a certain intuition within myself, to just trust and let it do its magic! 

I have become a big fan of this Universe buddy of mine. And a buddy is exactly what the Universe is! It works alongside with me, for me, looks after me and conspires at all times to guide me along my path. Let me show you with a couple examples how amazing my friend is..

Moving to Australia

I have always had this hunger to explore the world, live abroad, experience life outside of familiar Belgium. And at the time when I was approaching one of the most important cross-roads in my life, my graduation from university, I was lead down a path where the opportunity presented itself to start a life in Australia… So when it became an actual possibility to move elsewhere, no longer being tied to my studies in Belgium, I saw the opportunity to move abroad unfolding in front of me. And guess what I did?! Just one week after my graduation, I found myself sitting on a plane with a one-way ticket to Perth, Western Australia. G’Day, Mate! A new part of the world and a new way of living opened up to me, broadening my mind. Experiencing the beauty on the Southern hemisphere. 

Starting my solo travel in South East Asia

During my time in Australia however, after countless unsuccessful attempts of getting residency as an engineer in Perth, I realized this was my buddy, called Universe, again, telling me: ‘It is not your time yet to step into the corporate world, and settle down here!’. I had all this money saved up, no obligations and all the freedom in the world, to finally pursue the dream I had been having since I was little: travel for an extended period of time in Asia… on my own! And again, that’s what I did…! I listened to my Buddy!

Adventures just showing up…

When I was traveling, I kept on being presented with more and more of these ‘coincidences’ which would be guiding me over and over at times where decisions had to be made. Things were consistently ‘working out for me’, and therefore I found myself at exactly the right place at exactly the right time to experience adventures and  witness incredible beauty…


What I have learned from my journey so far…

When I finally started listening to my dreams, residing deep within my true self, something just clicked. Opportunities that could lead me towards these dreams all of a sudden presented themselves in my environment. Popping up out of nowhere! Not only was I willing to listen and to see these signs, I chose to act upon them! I intuitively knew they would lead me towards ‘my path’ and bring me closer to the life I wanted to lead, sometimes even transcending what I was wishing for! 

The closer you get to your dreams, the greater the signs and the clearer the language of the Universe will be, to reinforce that you’re walking down the right path for you! And the good news is… The more you feel looked-after by the Universe and the more you will ’trust’, the better you will get at communicating with your Friend (capital F!). You’ll find it easier to express what you truly desire and then in return you will be able to read the signs more effectively to make your dreams come true! Isn’t that great?!

How to get in touch with your Universe Buddy?

It’s easy to start asking yourself:
Am I listening to my dreams right now?
Am I inquiring within myself what these coincidences could mean?
What is it that my Friend is trying to tell me here?

Eventually you will learn how to speak the language of your Universe buddy, so you can trust that it will look after you and 
guide you at any given time… 

Embrace your Universe buddy, and cuddle it in return for the opportunities it presents to you!

With Love,


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