Over mij

Over mij

My name is Veerle and I see, hear, feel and receive messages through the non-formal world. And I use that gift full of love to let your gold that is in you grow and bloom into a golden life.

I like inspired people, especially how we function as human beings with heart, soul and mind. I know that there is tremendous potential in every person and that it is our goal here on Earth to use it.

I've always had an interest in people, so I also studied psychology. Although I didn't find what I was looking for there. It was not about the psyche (soul), but about the upper room of people, the mind ... During that period my switch suddenly switched again. I started to see, hear, feel, experience things again… I made that gift my profession!

I also have 2 sons, my sweet mirrors. I want to be an example for them and show them that anything is possible. They are also the drive of my life and business. Through them I also want to be an example for my environment and customers, and also make examples of them.

I myself am an intuitive entrepreneur with a dream.  I dream that more and more people are living their dream life in an intuitive way and thus be an example for others. So that others can also wake up and be inspired, and thus find the courage to do the same. It is our

Empower the gold in you!

- Stevens


With my energetic transformation method I guide you to break through your blockages more quickly and easily, to gain insight into what you come here to do and how to do that, to experience and grow more energy and flow in your life.

I see where you are blocked and what it takes to transform this into your golden life!

I have been guiding people since 2006, but after 11 years of only giving answers as a medium and giving healing, I felt that more was needed! If you don't know how to make the tr

ansformation, grow, reverse blockages, realize dreams,… everything stays the same. You're here to live your best life ever, and I'm helping with that with all my heart!...

Wist je dat...

… I have a passion for gemstones and minerals. My whole house is full of them! The Indian medicine wheel also occupies an important place in my trajectories.

… I infected my husband and kids with the Austria virus, I lived there myself for 2 years. I also plan to get them excited about skiing, kaiserschmarrn and lebkuchen at Christmas!

… I homeschool my 2 darlings. They are the drive of my life and business. So learning by example. If they don't feel good at school, we'll do it ourselves. Because well-being is the basis of growth.

… I absolutely love my girly vegetable garden :)! Tomatoes and lettuce alternate with flowers next to each other. It makes me totally relaxed and happy.

… I ever see a dead person walk through a wall? 😉
Wist je dat
Wist je dat
Wist je dat
Wist je dat


Mijn beste leven

My best life, you can sum it up in one word: enjoy!

Life is not about hard work or striving for fame, fame, money, achievements.

Be happy and enjoy it with others. Ok, so 2 words: enjoy together. If you do what you like, what gives you energy, then that is not work.

My best life is a life in which I can inspire, touch and transform. Yes, I would prefer to let as many people as possible live their golden lives. That gives me satisfaction and enjoyment. And that in an easy way of course. With a lot of time and attention for my family. Best of all, right? A golden life :)...

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