Over mij

Over mij

From overstimulated to enjoying life free & relaxed

“I think far too many people are concerned with survival, with being lived . They feel stressed, out of balance and overstimulated all the time. They walk from here to there all day and their minds work overtime. I know how this feels. I was there too and not so long ago.
Yes, even when I already had my diploma in clinical psychology & mindfulness trainer in my pocket.😉 🙂

While I knew deep down that that couldn't be the purpose of life and many more were possible. It was only when I started looking for help from the best coaches, mentors and started to delve into how our brain works, about energy, and quantum physics that it became clear to me how I could really improve my quality of life and fully enjoy ' t life.

We are not here to be lived . We are here to make the most of it, to really live and to create a life that fits with who we really are, with our soul.

I have already helped hundreds of people through coaching and training to experien

“Your children will see what you are all about by what you live rather than what you say” Wayne Dyer



I help private individuals and the self-employed, who feel overstimulated to enjoy life again.

Wist je dat...

* I fell in love with South America during my exchange with AFS to Honduras.
And still am. 😉 Hereby “the proof”:
my favorite dances = salsa & zumba
my favorite destination = Mid & South America
my favorite cocktail: pisco sour
my favorite man: my partner, Fernando 😉
my favorite food: ceviche, causa & burritos
* I am a mother of 3 beautiful daughters and they are my biggest inspiration to keep working on creating my best life
* I would like to learn horse riding and modeling
* I love the sea and there want to spend as much time as possible
* I used to be extremely anxious & insecure
Wist je dat
Wist je dat
Wist je dat
Wist je dat


Mijn beste leven

In my best life I am free to do what I like to do: make people who feel overstimulated and overwhelmed enjoy it again. check.

But there is always room for improvement and growth. And in my best life I have a big team around me that supports me and helps me grow and I also work internationally: I give coaching in Spanish and I often visit South America.

So I travel even more than now and I still have enough time for friends, family and for myself. I do many fun things with family and friends, such as dinners, BBQs, dancing, traveling, saunas….
I enjoy 200% and feel even more grateful and freer every day....

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